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Auto-Renewal Discount

Sign up for auto-renewal to receive discount up to 20%. Weekly billing can't be canceled during agreed term. Cancel future renewals by emailing "cancel" to before term ends.

Auto-renewal - Choose your discount

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Auto-Renewal Discount Policy & Details

All plans are priced based on limited reserved space, and thus will be charged on an agreed upon recurring basis with no refunds or account holds.

When purchasing a plan and agreeing to an auto-renewal discount term you are officially agreeing to weekly payment for the agreed upon length of term without plan cancellation or account hold regardless of reason.

In the rare instance that we might not be able to accommodate your reserved session time with in person and/or online coaching, we will place your account on hold for the length of time missed, or we will issue a refund equivalent to the amount of time missed. 

Rescheduling is limited and will be done on a first come first serve availability. We will do our absolute best to accommodate whenever possible, but the only times you are guaranteed are your normally scheduled session times.   

We have chosen this model rather than selling large upfront packages because it distributes the cost and commitment across the appropriate time horizon for your goals and commitments.

Please understand that this is a strict policy that is a critical part of the ongoing effectiveness of the program, your coaching team, and ultimately our shared vision for epic sustained health and fitness!

Once you have signed up for an auto-renewal discount & purchased a plan using the discount code, you will not be able to cancel the weekly billing during the agreed upon term. However you may cancel subsequent auto-renewals at any time prior to the end of each term by simply emailing "cancel" to

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